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Welcome, new readers. Jalopy Rocket is what I’ve deduced is considered a “lifestyle” blog. Which I’ve taken to mean that it has only faintly a set topic and is essentially a person talking about their own life. Which really does seem pretty narcissistic, if you think about it, but that seems to be a necessary evil when you’re a person with the compulsive need to put ink marks on paper on a regular basis. Regardless, it’s a benign narcissism, and perhaps a potentially positive outlet for an inevitable result of modern western society, and hopefully I’m funny and charming enough to make up for it. In any case, I’ll throw in pictures of my ridiculously cute old dogs every now and then completely out of context.

I’m Johnny, a writer, illustrator, designer, and ex-website builder, living out of Charlotte, NC, and this is where I talk about art, design, travel, and inevitably my dogs, for better or worse.

And I love comments, emails, letters, questions, concerns… the whole shebang. Contact me anytime.

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