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Home Again, Home Again, Giggity Giohcrap, the ac broke…

Pro-tip: when a home owner advises you, a burgeoning, eager, bright eyed about-to-be-homeowner, to skip the entire thing, drink a beer and go get a puppy….

listen to them.

I think, perhaps, the best thing you can do for your productivity, creativity and general ability to accomplish, contribute to this world, and be a generally gung-ho person…is to go on and stay on vacation. There should be the option to skip the entire adulting shebang, with its house chores, breaking appliances that cost $5000+, vomiting dogs, need to make money. Oh adulting, you’re so over rated. This is why super rich people get live in maids: it seems like it would be like having a full time mom around, taking care of everything.

So yes, we’re home from the trip. On the one hand, it’s amazing to be amongst our tribe and family, in the comfort of our home routines, and for me in the comfort of actually being able to communicate with someone other than my wife, although she’s a scintillating conversationalist. On the other hand, it’s 104 degrees, the house keeps demanding attention, and the need to actually make an income goes in direct conflict with the desire to create, be inspired and make art. Especially when you’re no longer a renting college student and things like whether the A/C is too old and the floor is rather dingy actually keeps you up at night. When did floor cleanliness and appliance age start keeping us up at night? Doesn’t that seem like a rather telling metaphor to you?

Art continues to be made, though, if at a slower pace. We’ve gotten our sights back on the Billy book, Jimmy and I have, and have updated the Patreon. (What is this Patreon? So glad you asked! Check it out: Patreon Link .) Jimmy’s a little past half way done with the manuscript edits and the art is coming along swimmingly. Meanwhile, the poems written over the summer are in the process of being typed up and made into their own book, so stay tuned for progress on the first collection of Rocket Poetry in more than a decade.

Interested in commissions, logo work, commercial design or web development? Contact me in the comments below or through the contact page. The fall calendar is open and at your disposal.

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