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Poetics Online and Indulging One’s Passions

By trade, I am a web developer and graphic designer, in addition to an illustrator. But my first love, now and always, is poetry and writing. And because of my nature and I imagine an upbringing by two intellectuals and scholars, I have a deep affection for research, deep thought, and contemplation for its own sake. As a related side note, I’m a part of a poetry community in Florida that, every April, decides to throw sanity to the wind and write thirty form poems, with 30 distinct forms, in 30 days in celebration of National Poetry Month. This, earlier this year, gave me an idea. As my community, which talks through a facebook group, scoured the web for forms, and as I did the same and found a dearth of well researched and well cited information, I got the idea to indulge both my love of poetry, my love of research and scholarship, and my love of my community, and put this source together myself. Thus was born the Poetics Online glossary of forms and terms.

In my world, being that of a freelancer, and a working artist, one tends to get wrapped up in the idea that everything you do needs to serve a purpose, and hopefully result in cash or advancement in some way. It’s hard to create for its own sake. To put effort into an activity for its own sake. And this is exactly why I love this thing I’ve undertaken. Because I’m doing it simply for the love of poetry, scholarship, and my community. And it reminds me, whenever I go all out looking for the history of a form, digging in deep to see what I can find that the other poetry sites haven’t, I’m reminded of how important it is to do that, to take on things that you do simply because you love to do it. A hobby, no less crucial for your sanity and wellness than brushing your teeth and drinking enough water.






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