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Redecorate, Renovate

As I write this, I’m sitting in my home studio, several in progress paintings on easels around me, at least two finished ones that need to be moved and stored, and my amazing starchild of a daughter, practicing the fine art of grabbing things with her hands (no small feat for a 4 month old), is sitting in her little chair bouncing along to Etta James and lamenting the fact that she cannot yet walk around and cause the havoc she deep down would like to cause. Fortunately we have at least a few more months till that happens.

It’s insane how much a life can change in one year.

This blog went on hiatus around a year ago when my wife and I embarked on the craziest, most life altering journey ever, all during a raging pandemic, all while I completely upended my career and took a left turn at Albuquerque (Bugs Bunny fans what what…) by taking up fine art painting full time. The thing is, when you decide to essentially completely renovate your life, and are a writer, you like the idea of chronicling it. In fact, you might like the idea a great deal. You want to take before and after pictures, write up step by steps as you go, document the entire affair. But when it comes down to it, you might be able to get away with that if you were just redoing the bathroom floors, or replacing the kitchen cabinets, but you simply will not have the wherewithal to do that if you’re basically gutting the house and rebuilding the entire thing, which in a way we all but did.

So now here we are.

The site, for the two people reading, will be undergoing a little rebranding in the next while. A little redecorating to match the redecoration my family’s life has done. Stay tuned.

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