• Important Reminders

    Fellow artists, fellow work-from-home-ers, fellow introverts, fellow misanthropic lovers and anxiety addicts, I’ve learned an important, vital lesson today: You really, really need to get the heck out of the house. On a regular basis. Preferably every time you need to work. Ok, ok, so you’ll say things like “Well, waitaminute, that’s a bit overly general, I quite like my home office, I do quite well in it and get regular socialization and am still well rounded and well adjusted.” Right, which is why in this particular blog post, I’m not addressing you. Good for you. Well done. I’m genuinely jealous of your well adjusted-ness in this facet of life.…

  • Travel Diary: Macedonia

    Being abroad is always an adjustment. No matter how cabin feverish you get at home, looking forward all year to getting out and stretching your legs, it's always hard to adjust to the language, the customs, and the different culture.